ReactJS Blueprint from packtpub – First Impressions

Last week I received a packtpub e-mail with follow advertising:  “Build Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Clones!”. Well, it’s got my attention because Instagram clone would be built using ReactJS. So, I started reading the book suggested by mapt, called ReactJS Blueprint by  Sven A. Robbestad. This guide seems to be a good guide, but it’s a little bit outdated. For example, in the first project we would create a webshop, then I thought: “nice!”. But, unfortunately, my troubles started as soon as I started coding.  The main reasons are listed below:

  • Outdated Code:
    Here, I’ve updated some components:
    – updated to use react 16
    – updated to use ES6
    – updated to use create-react-app
    – updated few libraries to new versions due to react 16 upgradeA lot of peaces of code are broken: Some code examples do not work or writed incorrectly
  • Poor content layout: a lot of content in same page. The app developing don’t follow, sometimes, a train of thought. Some pieces of code appear in a incorrect order

So, I don’t understand how mapt / packtpub suggests your books / examples / etc, but I’ve been a little disappointed due to this book being fulfilled with  old codes.

My webshop with updated code to ES6 is here

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